I have painted for as long as I can remember. As a child I tried to replicate paintings and crafts that I saw. These playful and joyful art experiences are perhaps why I love to paint and create, which led me, during my teen years, to build clay sculptures.

I continued my studies in the Pacific Northwest, California, and London, which enhanced my curiosity to learn, practice, and oftentimes adopt techniques and styles from artists whose work intrigued me.

I’ve been moved by Matisses’s use of color to designate shape, and influenced by Folon’s magical, yet sophisticated application of paint which is transparent and fresh.

I love to paint fast. Whatever inspires me in the moment, whether it is the perfect palette of the Tuscan countryside, the flickering light on the Snoqualmie River, or the luscious shapes of fruits, I revel in the pleasure of using color freely while working quickly.